Education In Singapore

Singapore has many universities and colleges that offer a variety of programs in the fields of architecture, engineering, mass communication and media, medicine, law, arts, fashion design, tourism and hospitality, physics, commerce, computer, mathematics and other sciences. Many schools provide courses in the field of business management as well. There are many courses that you can select according to your career needs. You can even choose the program parttime or fulltime. The educational institutions in Singapore provide flexibility for working professionals. It is one of the reasons for many students from abroad to continue their education in this small Asian country. Singapore also offers a wide range of globally recognized universities that certainly produce quality graduates. The alumni of the top universities will have greater opportunities when seeking jobs in many bona fide work places.

In general, universities in Singapore provide courses for students after they complete their 12th year. However, it is also possible for those who plan on pursuing high education after 10th. Basically, for those who take their bachelors after the 12th, they will complete their study within 2-3 years. If you wish to take a bachelor degree after 10th, you will need 3 years to complete.

There are several undergraduate programs you can choose. Below is the list of Programmes you can consider:

  • Computer and Mathematical Science
  • Applied and Pure Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Business and Administrative Studies
  • Architecture, Building and Planning
  • Health and Medicine

After receiving the letter of acceptance from the chosen institute, you will be required to make a student’s pass or visa in the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore. You also have to pay the visa application fees as the requirement. The letter of acceptance is one of the documents you must attach on your application. Once you have the complete required documents, the submission can be done in SOLAR (Student’s Pass Application & Registration), which is an online facility to submit your application.

Advantages of Singapore Education

  • You can improve your English proficiency.
  • You will get Admission without IELTS or English Proficiency Test.
  • You will get admission with 10th Standard qualification.
  • Quality of education and international recognition.
  • Education expenses are lesser than UK ,USA, Australia, New Zealand & Canada.
  • No age bar for admission for a course in Singapore.
  • You don’t need to pay any fee before your visa approved by the Singapore Immigration
  • You can enroll for any course in Singapore, if you meet entry criteria irrespective of your education background.
  • You can enroll diploma course in Singapore and can progress advanced Diploma Or Bachelors to UK, Australia , New Zealand, Canada and many foreign countries, Many Singapore institutions have transfer arrangements so you will get admission even without IELTS also.
  • You can enroll Bachelors Or Post Graduate Diploma courses in Singapore and can progress Masters to UK, Australia , New Zealand, Canada and many foreign countries, Many Singapore institutions have transfer arrangements so you will get admission even without IELTS also.
  • During and after your study, if you get full time employment, you can change to work visa and have options to apply for PR after relevant experience.
  • Singapore has one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world. Travelling is very quick and affordable.
  • During your stay in Singapore, If you attend Singapore Govt: Polytechnic Or Govt: Universities Entrance Exam & If you pass it:
  • You can enroll in Singapore Govt: Universities or polytechnics for further study.
  • After your polytechnic or University Study you will get a 3 year stay back with employment offer.
  • After gaining relevant experiences, you become eligible for PR.
  • The full time undergraduate students of Polytechnics and Universities that are allowed to work part-time of up to 16 hours per week during school term.

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